Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stepping Out

© 2009 Constance Hobbs. All rights reserved.

Aren't we all afraid of stepping out? Leaving behind what we know, what is familiar and what is comfortable? To genuinely take risk? As an artist-photographer or any creative soul, if you want to make progress in the fine art community, you will eventually have to step away from your studio, your computer or your routine. Most artists are sensitive, intelligent, self-questioning human beings, which often makes this process more difficult and frightening. I think our biology works against "stepping out" as well. Biologically we have survived as we are, as we've been, we are a success because we are alive. So our programming seeks stability, balance and the status quo. We all know those exceptional few who are completely confident in everything that they do. I often wonder what makes for such self confidence? Is it that they were very loved and cared for as a child or the opposite, some form of compensation for being unloved and cared for? Either way, I lack such enormous self confidence in my work. But, I have found, that when one ventures out from the habitat one has made for oneself, life has an astonishing way of taking care of you. Life carries you where it will because you have become part of it. It is no longer you taking care all by yourself, you have the powerful support of life itself.


Jennifer Appel said...

Very Cool. 'Out of the cave days' are the BEST! This photo makes the beach look upside down! The way you see life is SO beautiful!! I now understand how photography is art. Amazing! You make me feel lucky I have been here (alive)

James said...

Blame it on Jennifer for sharing your link. I've been digging through your work. You have some absolutely beautiful imagery. This is lovely - I really like the blue/green image of the stream and the breaking shoreline... wonderful.

Constance Hobbs said...

Thanks so much for the generous comments!