Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sheer Joy and Positive Expectation

© 2009 Constance Hobbs. All rights reserved.

This photograph of my nephew Parker contemplating the abyss of the Atlantic Ocean in Southampton on Long Island, really brings home to me what we face in our daily lives. I remember as a child, every summer, looking out with substantial fear at the awesome waves crashing along the Long Island shore. I was tempted to carelessly dive in with the expectation of total exhilaration, joy, and the wonderful experience of riding a wave successfully to shore. One could risk total annihilation with this carefree, adventurous decision. One false move, especially if the ocean was rough and the currents strong and you might find yourself seriously injured or worse, drowned. One only has to tousle with the enormous power of nature to understand the prospect of total destruction. So many times I missed that perfect moment of harmony with the ocean and experienced it's tremendous strength with the smashing of my scull against the sand and my desperate gasps for air as my tiny body was splish-splashed about over and over again. Not something to look forward to I can assure you. 

© 2009 Constance Hobbs. All rights reserved.

Isn't daily life somewhat similar? As an artist don't we sometimes wake to the feeling of contemplating the abyss? Wondering if we will catch the perfect wave and successfully make it to shore? Or will we lack such harmony, tousle with the waves and become disoriented by the power of the ocean, the flow of life. The reason I like this photo so much is that it reminds me of my childhood bravado. Risk taking with out too much thought and knowledge of what might happen. This is what we need as artists. To stand in front of what we hope to achieve with childlike innocence. Not with the adult knowledge of every possible problem that might arise, but with childhood simplicity and sheer joy. With the positive expectation of happiness and success.

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