Thursday, June 2, 2011


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Sometimes I wonder how this wonderful country of ours became so handicapped. Is it as simple as human greed in all it's various forms? Or is it the tremendous out sourcing of jobs, or is it the banks helping out only themselves? Loosen up the reins boys! What will happen if we continue down this path? No one dares to speak up because they are afraid to be pin pointed, singled out or even shot. What a state of affairs. Even the President can't do much because they will definitely shoot him if he steps out of line. Who are "they"? I suppose big corporate interests, power and money in all its corrupt forms, the mafia, even some of our federal agencies I'm sure. Just look at what happened to the Kennedy's. They tried to change things. It seems to me that our fore fathers cooperated more. They needed each other. Technological advances have isolated us and our antiquated notions of education are churning out less then well educated, whole and integrated individuals. I think we need a revolution in our educational system. How did things get this far and what are we going to do?

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