Thursday, July 2, 2009

Living Life

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There are so many ways to live a life. This thought frequently recurs when I travel. Our planet is so vast containing so many different cultures, customs, and traditions. I imagine all the millions, upon millions of people with their personal stories and saga's. Each individual connected to their family and friends with tales of triumph and defeat, gain and loss. It's like an intricate cob web of energetic connections whether positive or negative. I wonder about the number of people we can actually touch or get to know in our life time. It's really relatively few. If you like making connections I suppose a life in politics, religion, or entertainment would be a good start. 

So what would you choose for your life if you were completely free to do so? Would you choose a remote island life, a big city life, small town life, an adventurous life? No matter what life style one chooses, as human beings we have certain limitations. We are bound by our basic need for food, clothing, shelter and safety. As a result, we will always have some sort of routine. If you become a mother you cannot escape routine. Children bind you to routine whether you enjoy it or find it maddening. What kind of life style or routine appeals most to you? There are always rewards and sacrifices, positives and negatives in whatever we choose. If you travel to a small mountain village here in Switzerland, you will find people content to live out their entire lives in that town or hamlet, with the same routines their parents and grandparents had. I find that amazing. This is our one and only human life here on this planet, (as far as we know). I say, don't play it safe, be conscious of who you are, muster up the courage and follow your heart.

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