Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Authentic Life

© 2009 Constance Hobbs. All rights reserved.

Is there a fine line or subtle difference between happiness and unhappiness? I think there is. I'm not referring to obvious reactions to stimuli that create deep despair or extreme joy. I'm referring to everyday happiness or unhappiness. As human beings we adapt and become used to things as they are. We form habits and routines and there is a certain comfort in that. Is contentment happiness? I suppose it could be or is part of happiness. 

I sometimes think what a nightmare it would be to wake at 60 or 70 years old only to realize that one has lead someone else's life. As a woman, I find my life has been very influenced by my husband and my family. Motherhood also places or imposes restrictions upon us. I want to live an authentic life. One that is uniquely mine and belongs to me. Not a life that has my husband or families stamp of approval upon it. I think its a good idea to ponder the question of happiness, unhappiness, habit, routine and influence. You can throw in authority too. Who is your authority outside yourself and inside yourself. How did it get there? One form of authority is that little bird in your head distinguishing between right and wrong and that big bundle of "shoulds". Are those "shoulds" really yours or very subtly someone else's?

I realize one has to follow ones bliss inside the framework of everyday life. One has to balance the two. A good life or a life well lived, becomes then, a work of art. Perhaps the most important work of art.

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