Saturday, October 17, 2009


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Trust is something hard to come by even in ones own family. Why is that? Why is there such a lack of trust amongst human beings? When do we begin to trust? Or, what gives us an opportunity for trust to grow? I've heard people say that without trust there is no real relationship. I'm not sure I have the answers to the earlier questions, but I do think trust begins inside oneself. One must trust and have a sense of belief in oneself first. How many times as artists do we mistrust the value of what we are doing artistically? Frequently. How many times do we have an idea, think of a great contact, want to connect with another artist only to back track and lose our enthusiasm with a lack of trust in ourselves? A lack of self assurance. I think women may suffer from this malady more then men. 

The only way I know to increase our sense of trust is literally to catch ourselves in the myst of non-trust either with ourselves or with another. This means becoming more conscious of what we are doing every day. What we are thinking and feeling. Trust can grow within ourselves or within our relationships to others. Trusting first is a way of extending a hand. Others may be capable of responding or not, but if we are conscious we ought to be able to tell the difference. Some successful artists are not necessarily the most talented, but they are the ones who trust themselves to make it in some facet of the art world. So, as an artist, trust in oneself  is a feeling not to be under estimated in its importance.

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