Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sports Illustrated swimsuit Issue

The sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has hit the news stands with lovely Brooklyn Decker on the cover. Beauty is a commodity in our culture whether male or female, young or old. I wonder if it would be possible for beauty to "just be" and enjoyed for itself? Not used to sell things or to gain advantage. For the uneducated, but beautiful, I suppose its a very welcome asset. Or if you just happen not to be too bright, beauty comes in handy. As human beings there is something built into our sensibilities, a preference towards symmetry and hence beauty. This simple fact supports this weakness in our culture. It takes extraordinary character to recognize the power of ones beauty and not to use it for personal gain. Or to develop skills, a profession, something hard when It's so much easier to capitalize on one's beauty. 

The very sad reality that these beautiful men and women fall prey to is the plastic surgeons promise and dream of perfection. There is some controversy over Brooklyn Decker's use of plastic surgery. She is only 22. What happens when you start so young with surgery? The constant demands of "touching up" and the obvious health risks? We all have favorite personalities that we hardly recognize because of plastic surgery. Over time it deforms one. These unrealistic views on beauty are largely American but do exist worldwide. What happens to Brooklyn Decker when she is no longer youthfully beautiful? 

She is married to hot shot tennis star Andy Roddick. I took the photo of Roddick below at the US Open practice sessions.

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