Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teenage Rock 'n' Roll

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Well, we're here in Florida only two or three weeks and our house is filling up with teenagers. I'm happy because I was worried that Victoria would be lonely since she doesn't know anyone here. Silly me. There is pool activity, beach activity and of course, tons of computer, Internet, "whatever" activity. Last night the kids were blasting their music and dancing around the pool. We are making and unmaking beds, finding room for everyone since some kids have traveled here from as far away as Boston.

If we do stay in Florida, I realize we will have a desirable winter destination home. I love all the activity but it is tough trying to get work done. I'm pretty lazy right now. I should be marketing my work, updating my website, and myriad other details. But I'm taking a cue from the kids and enjoying life.

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