Monday, May 25, 2009

Andy Rooney on Memorial Day

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Last night on 60 minutes Andy Rooney gave a poignant commentary on Memorial Day. I'm not sure it reads as beautifully as it was spoken, but his sentiment seemed right on target to me. You can read it here. Or if you like, watch it here. I wonder what Memorial Day means to most Americans? Certainly military families and those with children in the military, or families that have served our country, the meaning has enormous depth and purpose. But to the rest of us, is it simply the start of the summer season, summer resorts and summer fun? Do the rest of us even think about or remember all those courageous souls that fought for, or are currently fighting for, the USA? Not to mention all the Americans who gave their lives, or as Andy Rooney said, "had their lives taken." It was only after I lived abroad for several years that the American way of life and all its enormous freedoms I understood. These freedoms are worth fighting for or at least standing up for. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not advocating war. I only wish we had other ways and means of solving our international differences. But today, as we blunder along in our ignorance and continue to use war as a means of defense, protection and economic freedom, let us remember all those remarkable Americans who have done what they could, and still do what they can, to protect and keep us safe.

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