Sunday, November 8, 2009


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Expectations, we all have them and what are they exactly? We have expectations that are part of our rearing and home environment. Basically the expectations of the family at large. Then we have expectations that we acquire as we experience life, and the ones that we think we should have and hope to or want to acquire. Now, how does this effect us? 

I wonder if what we receive in life is equal to our expectations? What we expect we get. Can we live life without any at all? I'm sure Buddhists think we can. Having realistic or unrealistic expectations can effect us enormously. If you have unrealistic expectations you set yourself up for lots of disappointment and pain. By contrast, if you have realistic expectations you gain confidence and self assurance by accomplishing what you expect to. How do we differentiate between what's realistic and unrealistic? Between expectations that are our own and the ones that are not?

© 2009 Constance Hobbs. All rights reserved.

I suppose by knowing ourselves intimately. Taking a hard look at what is really possible for us. But that might mean placing limitations on ourselves where none exist. We may think or feel that some things are beyond our reach and this may not be true. I think there is nothing worse then imposing limitations on people. Life can be magical and wonderful things can happen if you are open to them. Perhaps its necessary to think, believe and have faith in possibility. Isn't possibility a wonderful word?! It's origins are Latin and pertain to ability. Possibility is extraordinary, mysterious and implies potential. I think if we have the expectation of things being possible, then it is probable, that wonderful things will happen to us in this life.

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