Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lido Key Sarasota

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We spent the weekend in Sarasota visiting our daughter who attends Ringling College of Art. It was an easy drive from the east coast to the west coast. We took 710 to 70 and the entire trip took only 3 hours door to door. The highways are more people friendly and not like the interstates with speeding cars bearing down on you. People drive extremely fast here in Florida. I suppose because its flat, there is lots of room and quality roads. Great if you have a sports car. They drive fast in Switzerland too, but somehow it doesn't feel quite the same. Less treacherous.

© 2010 Constance Hobbs. All rights reserved.

The photos above are of Lido Key Beach. An island connected by a bridge to mainland Sarasota. There a quite a few of these little islands or keys and all are lovely with their own special character. There was no oil anywhere to be seen on the beaches. I understand that only the Florida Pan Handle has been affected by the spill in the gulf.

© 2010 Constance Hobbs. All rights reserved.

The beaches aren't very crowded either. Well, it is summer in Florida after all, not a big summer destination spot. Having said that, the heat I find tolerable. Sometimes the humidity can be overwhelming, but its less so on the east coast. All and all this relocation to Florida is working for me.


Anonymous said...

i love the shot with the one person on the beach... :-D

Constance Hobbs said...

I like that shot too. I made quite a few like that and some are quite interesting. Thanks.