Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Day 2011

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Last night we ventured out to the movies. We wanted to see the movie the social network before it left the theaters. Not having much experience with living in Florida we were in for quite a shock. The theater we generally go to is usually nice and mellow. Well that all changed yesterday. People had warned us about the "snow birds". We all know who they are. People looking to escape the winter blues and flock to Florida. They were out in full force last night. I guess they arrive after Christmas in time for New Year's.The parking lot was a mad house. One woman in particular was worthy of note. She was trying to physically save a space and caused a huge traffic jam. To the point where one man basically ran her off the spot by pulling in quite dramatically and dangerously. It was nuts. Of course we didn't stay and headed out for dinner instead. I tried a beer I have never had before. I think it was called "Long Island Blue Point". It was delicious. Try it some time. Happy New Year to everyone.

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