Thursday, April 7, 2011

Swimming in the Ocean

© 2011 Constance Hobbs. All rights reserved.

A beautiful mornings turquoise beach. This photo was taken off the north shore of Long Island in a town called Bayville. I often wonder how the colors in such images reproduce on different computer screens even when you save for the web? I hope you are able to see the lovely colors. Yesterday I was told that a great white shark was spotted off the coast here in Florida. I've heard about these sightings before, off the tip of Montauk on Long island, off shore from Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Are there more sharks in the oceans these days? I must research this. I don't think they have too many predators. One of my greatest joys is swimming in the ocean. At the same time who wants to be eaten by a fish? What a way to go!

© 2011 jaws movie poster. All rights reserved.

It all started with the movie Jaws. I didn't go and see it for the longest time knowing quite well that it might ruin my joy of swimming in the ocean. It did. Thanks Steven Spielberg. Coupled with all the shark activity in the water here I'll stick to the pool for a while. The other day off the coast of Palm beach a man had swam away from his boat. Sharks began to circle around it. A police helicopter happened to be passing and noticed what was going on below. They lowered their helicopter as close as possible to the water in order to scare the sharks away. This enabled the man to swim back to his boat safely. Now, that was luck, no!?

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